Online Forex/CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 89.33% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading Online Forex/CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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What markets can I access
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Take advantage of a world of trading opportunities across FX, shares, commodities and more.
What is
Copy Trading?

Copy trading allows you to automatically copy the strategies of top traders worldwide. If you’re looking for a more social trading experience, just download the Scope Copy platform and choose the traders you’d like to copy!

Developed in partnership with Pelican Exchange Ltd, Scope Copy offers a simple way to discover and follow experienced traders, and the opportunity to boost your own skills by learning from them.

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Manage your risk

Copy trading does not involve a managed fund, giving you extra flexibility with your approach to managing risk. Once you’ve filtered top traders according to the criteria most important to you, you can adjust your personal risk settings based on what’s best for you and your account.

Invest like a top trader

When you choose to copy a top trader, your account will duplicate their trades in real-time. This means you get calculated trade entries based on a proven record of success.

Trade with trust

Pelican Exchange Limited is Regulated by the FCA to offer Copy Trading Services and is regularly recognised around the world to offer outstanding trading services.


Copy trading allows you to automatically replicate the trades of a more experienced trader without having to do it yourself.

Starting your copy trading journey with Scope Markets is simple!

Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for 'Scope Copy'.
- Download the app
- Login
- If you don’t have an account with us yet, you'll need to create one to get started.
- Enter your details and click 'Register'.
- Next, confirm your MT5 account from the email we send you.
- Then, complete the quick risk assessment form back in the app.
You're nearly ready!Now just link your account by:
- Selecting your server and entering your account details.
- Click on 'Done'.
You're now ready to go!

Copying a trade in our Scope Copy app is super simple!

Once you’re ready to start copy trading, go to the 'Discover' tab where you'll find all the profiles available to copy.
You can check out their performance, trading stats and even the markets they trade.
Once you find the one that's right for you, click 'Copy'.
Now, you can set up your copy strategy!
Choose your trade size from the following options:
The option 'Fixed Size' copies trades at a fixed size determined by you.
The 'Mirror Master Size' copies trades at the exact same size of the master trade, regardless of your account size.
With 'Mirror Master Risk', you can open trades with sizes in direct proportion to your account equity.
Once you've chosen your strategy, you can round up to minimum trade size and copy existing trades.
After reading and agreeing with the our T&Cs, simply click on 'Agree and Copy'.
Ready? Click 'Copy'!
Next, click on 'Max drawdown' to manage your risk settings.
'Warning level' will trigger your first alert.
'Soft stop level' will suspend any future trades.
'Hard stop level' is the level at which all copy trades will be closed.
Click on 'Update' to set up these levels.

Now sit back, relax and start copy trading!

Scope Copy lets you do just that!
Once you download the app, you can discover top traders around the world, compare their performances and copy their trades.

Once you're in the app, under 'Discover', you can click on a trader's profile to analyse their past trading performance before deciding if you want to copy their trades.

Mirror Master Size copies the size of the signal that you wish to copy.

For example, if the trader you'd like to copy has bought $50 worth of Gold, choosing 'Mirror Master Size' will buy you $50 worth of Gold.
This function copies the signal trade size for all trades, irrespective of you or the trader's account size.

When copying a signal, 'Mirror Master Risk' adjusts the size of your trade relative to your account size, so you're taking the same percentage of risk as the signal you're copying.

For example, buying $5,000 of CAP40 on an account with a balance of $‎100,000 will equate to 5%. This means your account will mirror the relative 5% of the risk exposed.

To stop copying an account, head over to 'Account' then go to the 'Who am I copying?' tab, which is where you can manage your options.
Select the specific signal provider and press 'Edit copy'.
Press 'Stop copying' to stop copying trades.

When you have selected a signal provider to copy, you'll have the option to add a 'Max Drawdown'.

There are three levels to adjust in your Max Drawdown, which is where you can change the percentage levels.

Firstly, you have your 'Warning Level'. At this level, you'll be sent a notification.
Secondly, you have your 'Soft Stop Level'. If this is triggered, all copying will be suspended. No future copy trades will be placed on your account.
Finally, you have your 'Hard Stop Level'. If this is triggered, all of your copy trades will close and copying will be suspended.

There is a performance fee if you copy a Master Trader's trades.

A performance fee is a fee charged to an account that relates to the performance of the copier.
For example, if you are copying a signal that is charging a 30% fee and you make a profit of $100, your account will be charged $30.

A performance fee is a fee charged to an account that relates to the performance of the copier.
For example, if you are copying a signal that is charging a 30% fee and you make a profit of $100, your account will be charged $30.

There are no commissions placed on your trades, but you may pay a signal provider a monthly subscription fee or performance fee on profits made. If the signal that you are copying charges a fee, you will be charged accordingly for copying his/her trade. A signal may charge a performance fee of up to 50% or a monthly subscription fee for copying his/her trade.

Yes. However, there are two things you should be aware of:
1. The more signals you copy, the more trades you're likely to open simultaneously. If you don't have enough margin available, you might miss out on some crucial trades from one specific signal.
2. Two signals might be employing conflicting strategies!

You can limit the position size of the trades you copy, but you'll also be copying all trade actions that the signal provider takes. 

Yes, you'll need create an account with Scope Markets to register with Scope Copy.
If you don't have an account, click here to register. It won't take long!

Unfortunately, you can only copy trade with a live account.
You can still access the signal providers in the copy trading app, but you're only able to copy someone if you have a live and funded trading account.
If you don't have an account with us yet, click here to register.

Editing your profile is easy. Click on the 'Account' tab, scroll down and under the 'Manage' segment, and click on 'Edit Profile'.

No minimum deposit required!

Copy trading is effectively real-time, with your trades typically executed less than a second after the trader you're copying.

You can download the app from Google Play the App Store.
If the app does not appear on the App Store, you may have to change your App Store location to a different country that is supported.

Yes, you can close a trade at any time. To do so, go under the 'Position' tab, press 'Open' tab and then press 'Closed' on the relevant trade.

This isn't possible unless you copy them. However, you can view their past performances and the markets that they've traded by going under the category of 'Signals'.
Within this category, click on the trader that you'd like to copy and you'll be able to view a summary of the trader’s past performances.

Yes, you can! You have the option to change the amount of money you are investing and the size of each trade before you commit to copying the trade.

After selecting the trader that you'd like to copy, simply click on the 'Trade Size' option and choose 'Fixed Size'. On the page itself, you'll have the option to adjust the figures to a level that you are comfortable with. Afterwards, just press 'Copy' and your instructions will be executed accordingly.

Yes, copy trading is legal.

Like any form of trading, copy trading carries a high risk. Please make sure that you understand the risks of trading as explained in our Risk Disclosure Statement.
Should you need any further advice, kindly seek advice from an independent and regulated investment advisor. Scope Markets does not provide any investment advice.

The app is provided by the Pelican Group who hold the relevant regulatory permissions to offer copy trading.

The maximum leverage will depend on the type of Scope Markets account you have with us.

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