Dividend Calendar by Scope Markets

Find details regarding companies that pay dividends to shareholders and when those dividends are paid. The table below shows dividend data, such as when upcoming dividends are due, the amount of each stock dividend per share and other useful information.



Dividends are entered according to ex-dividend date. If the ex-dividend date is 30.06.2020 then the dividend should be entered for the positions being held at close of business on 29.06.2020 (dividend should be entered 30.06.2020). The calculation is Position size*Dividend amount which means If client is short, dividend should be minus (we should deduct from client) and if client is long, then it should be plus (we should pay to client)e.g., AAPLUS and dividend amount per share is 0.20 USD, if client is holding a buy position of 20 lots, client will receive 4 USD and if client is short of 20 lots, client will pay 4 USD

Dividends can be paid once a year or may be divided, so one share may have 4 dividend date per year. However, depends of the share announcement

Clients will be able to see an adjustment on their trading account and in their account statement.

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